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About - the owner Bailey Soolsma

Our Why

We help small businesses sort out their social media situation!!

Biggest Problem ->You don’t know what to post, and can’t get the content.

Biggest Mistake->Posting bad quality content, and too many obvious stock photos

Resolution ->Let us take your photos, coach on you captions, and teach you how to show up on social media. This is possible with less than 10 hours a month!

How it works

Each month you will get everything you need to build your business brand on social media.


In order to create all your content to be delivered to you monthly you will need to attend a photoshoot every other month.


We will coach you with resources and offer support!

Custom Strategy

Hashtag & posting times

Social Interaction week schedule


Monthly small group social media training!

Reasons to stay present online

People are impulsive

When people need a service / product they are going to go with a brand that is top of mind.

Brand Awareness is key

People don't trust what they don't know!

Repeat business

Make sure you are nurturing your current customers so they always choose you.

What's included

Monthly Social Media Audit

Social Media Strategy

Initial consultation

Monthly Social Bundle (Resources, mini training)

(Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin)

Social Media tools

Small Group Coaching

Monthly Photos

I worked directly with Bailey over about a 6 month period. She helped my client get their social media off the ground and she did a superb job doing so! My client's Instagram went from about 500 followers (retained over the last 2yrs, on their own) up to 5,000 followers in only a couple of months! The Follower Engagements more than quadrupled and the website/store saw a large increase in traffic with a solid conversion rate. If I come across any other clients who need similar assistance, I'm absolutely turning to Violet Coast Media!

Desiree (BC Communications)




/ month

You must be from Abbotsford -> Vancouver, BC

Any other locations please contact me.

You will be charged on the day you sign up and scheduled for a photoshoot within 4 business days.

**We will collect your info and get you enrolled in a google form after purchase

Cancel anytime


Our Founder

Bailey Soolsma


Bailey is a Digital Strategist with over 5 years of Digital Marketing experience. She began her career in San Francisco where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia Communications. She then worked her way through the tech industry in San Francisco where she worked with app developers, lifestyle brands, and tech companies.

Open Mon – Fri

09:00am – 5:00pm

Have any questions?


As a Marketing Specialist Bailey has helped me identify new social media followers, develop brand content and organize photoshoots for Honey Chokers. Bailey is highly attentive in developing Marketing campaigns. She takes initiative and continually suggests new ideas to further campaigns and reach new demographics. Bailey has great research skills and follows through with each project to completion. Bailey has been a key person in developing my brand in the time she has worked with me.

Asha Zinani


How many photos do I get each month?

30 photos 1 to post each day of the week if you want.

Is there support?

Yes, we have 9am-5pm Monday-> Friday support for issues or questions that arise.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you must cancel before the date in which you are billed is up. No refunds after that date.

How will you know about my business?

We will have an initial consultation to learn everything and develop your strategy.

What is in the monthly bundle?

Each month these resources will be different. They will include workshops on stories, live videos, IGTV, any special requests. This is to keep you up to day on the social media trends and teach you to add in other tricks to your page.

What's the social media strategy?

When you first join you will get a social media strategy document customized to your business.

Hashtag & posting times

Social Interaction week schedule ( A guide to growing and interacting with your audience ) Tags to follow, accounts to look for

Your Social Media Stats with tips for improvement each month

More questions!?

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